About Moonkissed™

Inspired by adularescence, the extraordinary glow on the surface of moonstone, the Moonkissed™ collection features clean, crystal-infused products that create a luminous, multi-sensorial skincare ritual designed to manifest your light.

Each Moonkissed™ formula features a blend of signature ingredients inspired by ancient Greek and Mediterranean culture and renowned for their potent skincare benefits.

ieró Beauty™ Formulas:

Group 36

Naturally-Based Utilize plant-based actives and
crystal-derived minerals that replenish, restore and protect your skin.

Group 12

Clean Formulas Are clean, good for you and the planet and
presented with absolute transparency about their percent of naturality.

Multi-Sensorial Provide a holistic, multi-sensorial
experience that nourishes your whole self—not just your skin.