lluminate your radiance and your aura with this new plant-based, mindfully positive collection.



lluminate your radiance and your aura with this new plant-based, mindfully positive collection. 

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Our universe is wondrous—the sun, moon, stars, celestial marvels—a shared sky that connects us all. Everywhere in the world, we experience the same dynamic moon phases. Earth’s only natural satellite is a luminescent phenomenon.

My astrological sign is Cancer and moon is my ruling planet. I am starry-eyed over the ebb and flow of lunar energy. I’ve found my new match made in heaven skincare. In 2023 and beyond, I will pamper myself with a dreamy nighttime ritual. Join me?



Over the Moon

Ieró (say it with me…E-air-O) means sacred in Ancient Greek. Moonkissed™ by ieró Beauty™ is divine, blended with Mediterranean inspired ingredients for optimal radiance. One of Forbes 2022 Holiday Gift Guide must-haves, this stellar brand is infused with crystals, plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, and has moonstone luminosity.

The Moonkissed™ collection is more than all-inclusive skincare, it is a lifestyle. Every product has a ritual that elevates simple application to thoughtful meditation: Shift Focus. Shift Breathing. Shift Feeling.

A Real Revolutionary

Visionary, makeup artist, and product development authority Nick Gavrelis created and launched ieró Beauty™ in autumn 2022 “inspired by the life force of energy that vibrates within and connects us all,” he says.

Gavrelis has impressive experience in the global beauty industry (MAC Cosmetics, Nordstrom, collaborations with Rihanna, Raquel Welch, Catherine Deneuve). He is a revered expert, renowned as the “guru of skin and foundations” at Estée Lauder companies.

“With Moonkissed™ we provide a 360° holistic, multi-sensorial experience that nourishes your whole self, not just your skin,” says Gavrelis.

Mission accomplished.



Crystal Clear

Crystals are believed to emanate healing powers, positive vibes, and harmonious energy. Adele, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham are just some of the celebrity fans of miraculous minerals.

Moonkissed™ crystal infused formulas remineralize the skin, body, and spirit. Moonstone detoxifies and inspires introspection and good fortune.

Black onyx soothes skin and diminishes negativity.

Malachite boosts recovery and reinforces confidence. Hematite gives feelings of security and stimulates collagen synthesis.

“We believe in amplifying positivity, encouraging authentic self-expression, and nurturing the unique well-being of each person we touch,” says Gavrelis.


Ethereal Aromas

Fragrance can renew your mood, balance energy, influence serenity, and reduce anxiety. Moonkissed™ is blended with natural essential oils for instant aromatherapy.

Breathe in lavender to relax. Indulge in a sense of calm with chamomile. Savor vanilla notes for comfort. Revel in frankincense for peace. Inhale sage aromas to ground yourself. Exhale whatever does not bring you bliss.

Moonkissed™ makes me feel like an Ani DiFranco lyric: “The moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirror.”

Dazzle yourself in the mirror with this cool as cosmos skincare collection…


Moonkissed™ Radiant Skin Restorative Serum-Oil

Moonkissed™ Radiant Skin Restorative Serum-Oil


Moonkissed™ Radiant Skin Restorative Serum-Oil

This silky serum-oil is safe for all skin types and is my favorite new essential. The consistency is delicate yet rich and revitalizing. Warm three drops in your hand, take a breath, apply to face and neck, be present and grateful.

Abundant in antioxidant botanicals and minerals (alba and sunflower seed oils, turmeric root, pomegranate peel, cannabis sativa leaf), this elixir reduces the appearance of fine lines, restores moisture, relieves inflammation, and enhances a youthful glow.

The aroma enlivens tranquility, reminiscent of a spa retreat. And the colorful Ayurvedic blend is designed to inspire intuition, wisdom, and optimism.

Bonus: Also effective as a hair oil to tame fly-aways.


Moonkissed™ Radiant Moisture Restorative Emulsion

Moonkissed™ Radiant Moisture Restorative Emulsion


Moonkissed™ Radiant Moisture Restorative Emulsion

Lightweight and soft as cashmere, this emulsion hydrates like a cream—without any heaviness. My skin feels brighter, more resilient, and rejuvenated by an antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory blend with anti-aging properties.

Abyssinian seed oil nourishes luster and strengthens your derma’s protective barrier. Camellia seed oil invigorates with omegas, vitamins, magnesium, and zinc. Sage, lavender, and chamomile purify and condition. Pomegranate de-stresses.

And new to me ingredient - polyglumatic acid - is a peptide that promotes supple, smooth skin.

How much to use? More or less depending on the season…of the year and your life; a little extra can be massaged on target areas to treat fine lines.


Moonkissed™ Serene Essence Replenishing Mist

Moonkissed™ Serene Essence Replenishing Mist


Moonkissed™ Serene Essence Replenishing Mist

Revive your skin with an ultimate refresh—any time of day. A soft spray replenishes moisture and rebalances with rose flower water, a bevy of botanicals (lavender, apple, watermelon, grape, chamomile), and crystal extracts (malachite and moonstone). Perfumed like a spring morning, prepare to feel renewed by this fine finishing mist.

Surprise! Vitalize the formula by sprinkling a sachet of amethyst crystals (included in the box) into the bottle…accompanied by heartfelt intentions for self-care. Swirl before each use, listen to the stones sparkle, and feel grace in every spritz.


Moonkissed™ Luminous PH Lip Comforter

Moonkissed™ Luminous PH Lip Comforter


Moonkissed™ Luminous PH Lip Comforter

Available in five sensuous shades—Lucid Soul, Blood Moon, Love Potion, Astral Intuition, Bushing Orb—each hue has subtle glimmer and shimmer. 

This luscious lip treatment hydrates with shea butter and vitamin E, plumps with pomegranate and raspberry, energizes with CBD, and boosts collagen with grape extract. Plus, crystal infusion gives a prismatic glow to my kisser.

Pro tip: Can be used on cheeks for a blush of color.



A Pretty Smart Package

“It is important our packaging inspires the soul,” says Gavrelis. “It is indicative of our holistic approach, rich in storytelling, color and design elements that incorporate chromatherapy, and mindfulness with emotive cues.”

The cosmic motif, flower of life logo, and indigo adularescence “evoke a sense of connected serenity,” he says.

For beauty inside and out, Gravelis’ meaningful mantra is on every box: “Keep your mind and heart open to limitless possibility and you will be amazed by what manifests around and within you.”

ieró Beauty™ partners with Pact Collective to recycle post-consumer materials for sustainable packaging that is good for your soul and the environment.

“We stand behind the magic of Mother Nature,” says Gavrelis. “She provides for us (and our formulas!) daily, and we’re highly conscious of our footprint on the planet.” 

To Infinity and Beyond

Hybrid daytime skincare will soon complement the Moonkissed™ nighttime ritual. Color and complexion categories, plus exclusive application tools, will also join the ieró Beauty™ lineup “to help us fully provide the high vibrational lifestyle approach our customers are yearning for,” says Gavrelis.

Restorative skincare products like this can expand your self-love… “Yours is the light by which my spirit is born: you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” - e.e. cummings