The Power of Rituals Podcast with Jordan Laurelle

The Power of Rituals Podcast with Jordan Laurelle

The Magical Human Experience Podcast: 22. Ancient Wisdom We’ve Forgotten, How Ego Interferes with Self-Love and The Power of Rituals with Nick Gavrelis of Iero Beauty on Apple Podcasts

Today's episode is a beautiful conversation with beauty industry leader and expert, Nick Gavrelis. He shares his journey and the principles that guided him in building the amazing career and legacy he has and what eventually led him to founding his very meaningful and intentional beauty brand, ieró Beauty™.

We Chat:

Our Desires are our North Compass

The Importance of Service

Staying Open to Limitless Possibilities

We Are Sacred

The Importance of Self-Love

The Subversive Side of Ego

Being More Loving Starts With Us

How Rituals Help Us Tap Into Our Higher Selves

Ancient Wi

How Intention is So Powerful

The Benefits of Crystals

Things Mentioned:

Ieró Beauty

Manifested: The Abundance Bundle (for $99!!)

Nest's Portable Diffuser