10 Big Trends At Adit Live New York 2023

10 Big Trends At Adit Live New York 2023

10 Big Trends At Adit Live New York 2023 | Beauty Independent

During trade show Adit Live second’s edition held at New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion last month, the energy from in-person interactions was palpable—and it’s those interactions that have rearranged the beauty business in the last year. With people returning to offices, restaurants, stores and more, makeup has kicked into high gear. According to market research firm Kline, retail sales of color cosmetics jumped 13% in 2022. This year, sales of eye, face and lip products are expected to exceed $16.8 billion.

But as human existence gets phygital, in-person connections are being informed by online experiences. TikTok is changing the ways consumers are showing up to purchase and practice beauty. Kline states, “The virality on TikTok has played a critical role in the resurgence of makeup, creating frenzied demand and capturing new audiences without incurring significant acquisition costs.”

At Adit Live, the impact of TikTok was clear in trends involving body mists, dupes and rosemary hair products. We dive into those trends and seven more shifting shopping behavior and retail merchandise mixes.


Founders are passionately incorporating mental health support into their brands’ value propositions, including with affirmations and meditations that bolster brain function and self-confidence. Ieró Beauty has crafted recommended rituals in the form of beautifully illustrated guided meditation videos to pair with product application. 

Product formulator and makeup artist Nick Gavrelis, who spent nearly two decades at MAC creating iconic color products, recently launched the “high vibrational” beauty and lifestyle brand with four crystal-infused products priced from $32 to $72: Moonkissed Luminous PH Lip Comforter, Moonkissed Radiant Skin Restorative Serum-Oil, Moonkissed Radiant Moisture Restorative Emulsion and Moonkissed Serene Essence Replenishing Mist."